06 May 2009

Convention 2009

I invited my friend Bronwyn to the Awards Dinner, to enjoy a girls night out. It was a great excuse for us to enjoy an evening meal with all the preparation done for us and no dishes to wash. What a lovely way for friends to catch up and chat. Bronwyn and I had not seen each other since leaving Katherine, N.T. I stayed with Bronwyn and her lovely family for the few days whilst in Canberra. We had the best time, chatting and laughing over many funny moments that we shared in our outback adventure. After dinner, we attended the Awards Recognition and it was so exciting. I received recognition for Leadership 2009 ~ thrilled to bits Woo Hoo!


Anonymous said...

Hello mummy, so good to see you. You look great, your hair is so long! Love you heaps. Love your favourite daughter xoxoxox

Credere Shaz said...

Thank you so much for looking at my blog. Love you too. Mum